Intellectual outputs

IO1 – Match-Fixing Challengebook:

In the Challengebook, partners drew a systematic account of the challenge of match-fixing in European Sport by systematic exploring and cross-comparing the multiple layers of opinion and experience provided by the different actors gravitating in the Sport realm. For this purpose, an international survey was conducted, that included more than 1000 participants from 5 european countries.

IO2 – Counsellor Athletes’ Training Format:

The training format was developed based on the Analysis of research findings (IO1), which offered us directions for the design of thematic sections, which were developed as individual educational modules.

The training is devided into 6 sessions:

–       Behind the scenes of match-fixing and its “actors”
–       Parental education against match-fixing
–       Children/young people education related to sport values and ethics in schools
–       Ethics education in the Sport sector and related stakeholders
–       Use of new media for raising awareness related to match-fixing and its consequences
–       How to enforce law and control in sport micro and macro realities

IO3 – Model Programme Against Match-Fixing: is a combination of training and awareness-raising activities, co-designed by partners and Athletes enrolled in the local Training Courses.

IO4 – Manual on Anti Match-Fixing Practices: The Manual was created as a result of the implementation of the Model Programme in all partner countries. In addition to up-to-date information regarding the dimensions and specifics of the match-fixing challenge in Europe, the Manual integrates target-specific information, tips and good practices on how to prevent and contrast match-fixing phenomena in the different settings in which they might emerge.