Intellectual outputs

Preliminary results from the research of the perception of match-fixing in sport among the sports public in the Republic of Macedonia

From the beginning of 2021, the N. Macedonian Federation of School Sport participates in the realization of the project “Athlete Counsellors against match-fixing”, funded by the EU Erasmus + program. Apart from NMSSF, ZFK Interblock from Slovenia (coordinator), the University of Murcia from Spain, the Rugby Federation from Serbia, the Volleyball Federation of Italy and ZFK Torres Sassari from Italy also participate as partners in this project. The key aims of the project are: strengthening awareness of the fight against match-fixing in sport, selection and training of athletes who would be involved as advisors in the fight against match-fixing, and development of a program against match-fixing results that would be used as a model during the dissemination of the project results. Within this project, a research on the perception of match-fixing in sport in the countries where the project partners come from was performed, for which an appropriate questionnaire was prepared by the University of Murcia, which was afterwards subject to completion and finalization with the participation of other partners. During May, 2021, the research within the mentioned project was realized on a sample composed of citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia. The research was conducted electronic. The study involved former athletes, athletes, coaches, members of sports clubs or associations, members of federations, referees, parents/guardians and managers. All respondents were over 16 years old, were or are involved in sport and at least 20 respondents from each category participated. Most of the questions in the questionnaire were of closed type, a smaller part were open, and through some of them the degree of consent of the respondents was checked. You can read more about it in the PDF attached below.

PDF: Preliminary results of the ACAMF survey in Macedonia